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Item # CU136, Copper Mirror Test Slides

Glass slides coated with copper and used for ASTM and IPC corrosion and flux testing. Referenced in ASTM D2671 and IPC-TM-650.



Float glass, cut edges, available in .040" (1mm) and .062" (1.5mm) thickness


Standard size of 1" x 3" is stocked. Other sizes available on request.


A film of copper metal is vacuum-deposited to achieve transmission of 10 +/-5% @ 500 nm wavelength


Packaged two slides per tube then flushed with nitrogen to retard oxidation.

Standard Sizes

1" x 3" x .062"
25mm x 75mm x 1.5mm

Price ( Qty 50-95)


Price ( Qty 100-245)


Price ( Qty 250-495)


Price ( Qty 500+)


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